Meeting Your Estate Lawyer for the First Time? Here’s What to Expect

Meeting Your Estate Lawyer for the First Time? Here’s What to Expect

There are tons of movies that depict lawyers as people you only call when you’re in big trouble. Of course, reality tends to be completely different. So, in case you’re meeting your estate lawyer for the first time, there are some situations you might expect.

Additionally, you should know you have no reason to be nervous or scared. Lawyers generally have really good people skills.

That means a professional estate lawyer will try to offer you an excellent experience during your first meeting. Here are some other things you should know about:

The Lawyer Will Try to Get as Much Info as Possible from You

That is one of the main points of such a meeting. The attorney needs to know what the problem is if they are to offer you assistance.

In the case of estate lawyers, you should expect questions about your properties and family. The amount of information you provide has to be as comprehensible as possible.

A Professional Estate Lawyer Will Offer Guidance throughout the Meeting

As soon as your legal problem or needs are clear to the attorney, they’ll start discussing solutions. Usually, this is when you find out what steps you need to take.

In case you want to learn more, don’t be afraid to ask. Professional lawyers will provide you with all the info you need because. Why? Because it will make both your lives easier. They could also provide you with access to valuable online resources.

You’ll Get to Discuss the Fees

Sometimes, you can already find out this if you contact them by phone or email. However, that’s not always the case.

In such a situation, you always need to thoroughly discuss this aspect during your first meeting. Don’t forget that the documents an estate lawyer handles require periodic reviews and renewals. Thus, this isn’t just a one-time cost.

So, you need to find out what fees you are dealing with. After all, you’ll need to rely on these services for years to come, so you should feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. 

You’ll Find out How the Two of You Will Collaborate

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This is maybe the most important aspect of them all. Working with an estate lawyer will be a long-term collaboration. That means there will be plenty of time for them to earn your trust and show you they’ve got your back.

This is also the perfect moment to set up some ground rules on how the two of you will work.

Can you call in case of an emergency? Can you call after 6PM if you have an urgent question? Think about any situation that may appear and see if you can ask your estate attorney for help. It’s always best to get such things out as soon as possible.

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Written by Stacy Maurier