4 Questions to Ask before Hiring an Estate Lawyer

4 Questions to Ask before Hiring an Estate Lawyer

There are some important aspects you should know before hiring an estate lawyer. Asking the right questions could make a difference between solving or not your legal problem.

The truth is you’re most likely looking for more than just a professional attorney-client relationship. Trust is more important and it has to be earned. Your lawyer should be a person with great people skills, so you can talk freely – especially since the topic of the discussion will be a little sensitive.

In the following lines, you’ll find four important questions to ask yourself or the estate lawyer before you hire them.

  1. Do the Estate Planning Fees Include a Regular Review of the Legal Documents?

One of the biggest mistake families make is hiring an attorney, getting the paperwork done, and thinking “That’s it.” However, such actions have gotten families in big trouble before. How? Well, most of the legal documents were out of date! Or even worse, the family assets weren’t even owned properly.

So, before hiring an estate lawyer, ask about the fees and if they include regular reviews of the legal documents. Additionally, you could ask if there will be any other costs involved with this process.

You need to understand that a will needs to be reviewed and updated throughout your life. That’s why you’ll want an attorney that can provide ongoing services.

  1. How Easy Will It Be to Communicate with Your Estate Lawyer?

Some law offices give you an email address and a phone number. Try to find out if you’ll have a hard time contacting them again.

Do they answer the phone and your questions with patience? Do they give you the right amount of details to hire one of their lawyers?

Additionally, if you send them an email and it takes days to reply back, it’s a bad sign. You surely don’t want this to happen to you when you need their emergency services.

You should also check what reviews they have.

  1. Do They Offer Guardianship and Trusteeship Services?

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There are certain situations where adults might need assistance with decision making. The Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act (the “AGTA”) is Alberta’s legislation that enables this.

It covers situations when a person:

  • Lacks the mental capacity to make decisions regarding personal assets.
  • Lacks the capacity to make financial decisions.

It’s a really delicate problem to address, but you’ll want to know if the estate lawyer provides these services or not.

  1. Do They Offer Constant Guidance?

You may require their services now, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never need their guidance again. Before hiring them, try to find out if you can count on their expertise for future changes to your will.

Additionally, ask if you can count on their guidance even after you’ve passed away. The remaining family members might need legal help in case something goes wrong.

As mentioned in the introduction, look for a partner. You’ll feel much better knowing you can count on your estate lawyer because you can trust them.

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Written by Stacy Maurier