Meghan Golden

Meghan Golden - Edmonton Will LawyersIntroducing Our Awesome Associate Lawyer—Meghan Golden B.S.C., L.L.B

Meghan’s number one role is serving as a proud mother to a beautiful, young child. Prior to becoming a mother, Meghan had the time to enjoy reading, golfing, travelling, and spending hours on Pinterest looking for her next big project.

Meghan was born in Newfoundland and moved to Fort McMurray prior to starting kindergarten. Upon graduating from high school in Fort McMurray, she attended Keyano College and decided she wanted to be a psychologist because she liked to meet new people and work with them to solve their issues.

For some unknown reason, instead of pursuing her Masters in Psychology, she went to work at a local wills and estates law firm as a receptionist. Meghan will deny it, but we all suspect that while working at the law firm she became enraptured by the fact that there are no crazier people to work with than lawyers. Meghan attended law school while working at that law firm and went from firm receptionist to full-blown lawyer. Meghan practice focuses on wills, trustee and guardianship issues, real estate and corporate matters. This hard work is evident in all that Meghan does and we all hope that she never regrets becoming a lawyer instead of a psychologist. Does that make us crazy or her?