Powers of Attorney Edmonton

Helping You Plan for Any Eventuality

Your hard-earned money, assets, and other affairs are yours alone to manage. Even if you should become unable to make decisions about your estate, you can always appoint someone you trust to safeguard it on your behalf. The different types of power of attorney can give them the legal right to do that under various circumstances. When you’re considering the powers of attorney, Estate Connection can help you choose the best options to suit your individual needs.

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney allows your trusted person of choice to handle certain financial affairs in your absence. It is usually invoked when someone goes away for a short period of time, like when they take a vacation or leave for active military duty. A person with power of attorney over your affairs can pay your bills, sell your house, and more.

Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA)

Enduring power of attorney (EPA), also known as immediate and springing power of attorney, can give someone you love the legal power to handle your assets if you become infirm or incapacitated. The person (or people) you appoint can do things like access your bank account, sell your house, and deal with entities like the government, pension companies, and investment companies on your behalf. This document comes in two forms:

Springing Power of Attorney comes into effect when triggered by a certain event—for example, when a doctor declares that you don’t have the capacity to make decisions for yourself— and endures until you rescind the document or pass away.

Immediate Power of Attorney takes effect as soon as you sign the document and continues until you rescind it or pass away.

When you give someone power of attorney, you receive a higher degree of certainty that your affairs will be handled on your terms. You can also make sure your family can avoid unnecessary costs, and time consuming court applications, when the time comes to deal with your assets. Contact our estate lawyers at Estate Connection to take the forward-thinking approach—your family will thank you for it.