What Can Happen If Your Spouse Does Not Have A Will

We recently had a client who called our office looking for help.  The client stated that her husband had passed away 3 months ago and did not have a Will. She was calling because they owned some collector vehicles that had a considerable value and when she went to transfer the insurance into her name, the insurance company refused to do so because she was not the registered owner of the vehicle. When she contacted Read More

Our New Office!

When you think of a law office in St Albert or Edmonton, what do you often think of? For lots of people it is a formal business environment that can feel sort of intimidating.  I have been hard at work the last 6 weeks creating a new office space that shows our clients we are a law firm that is professional but we like to give hugs with our handshakes!   OUR WAITING ROOM...this is probably my favorite Read More

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: If a common law couple dies and grandparents are in different provinces what happens to the children.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: If a common law couple dies and grandparents are in different provinces what happens to the children.   It depends if the person died with out making a Will that has Guardianship provisions in it. With a Will the guardian in the Will can act. Without a Will, the family members would need to apply to court and have a Justice look at the situation and choose who would be the Read More

Choosing Your Kids As Executors – Why It Is A Mistake

We all hope that when we are gone, our family members will work together to settle our estate.  Unfortunately, our office sees many estates where the testator created a Will filled with some common problems. One of the most common problems we see is where a testator appoints all their children as their Executors.  This is a mistake. If your family members do not get along, they are not going to suddenly be able Read More

Trusts Companies That Handle Your Estate Are No Longer Just For The Rich

Trusts Are No Longer Just For The Rich The demand for professional Trust and Estate administration is an area that is experiencing significant growth. This growth is caused by a number of factors including our aging population, our modern family structures, and the vast distances that spread family members apart. Estate professionals are being asked to step in and help families resolve emotionally charged Read More

Separation is Different Then Divorce

When couples split up, the last thing they're thinking is, "What happens if I die?" Breakups are emotionally difficult times, with many hard decisions. But the ramifications of a split are magnified when the parties do not go through with a divorce. Many people think the mere act of “separating” will result in cancelling their partners in their Wills, estate plans, powers of attorney and beneficiary designations. Read More

Protecting A Different Type of Property

Estate Planning is about protecting what matters the most. Over the course of my 18 years practicing law I have come across a wide variety of property that needs to be included in our clients’ Will. Recently we had to deal with a unique type of “property”…the cryogenically frozen embryos and sperm of our clients. With cryogenic freezing, it is possible for children to be conceived well after a parent has died. Read More

New Parents and Writing A Will

Many new parents think that they should write or re-write their Wills after the birth of a child and for many couples this is the first time they have written a Will. One of the most important issue new mothers and fathers need to consider is who will be the guardian of their child if the unthinkable happens to both parents. This is not fun stuff to consider, but necessary. You do not want your family going Read More

Joint Tenants VS Tenants In Common – What’s The Difference?

Joint Tenants VS Tenants In Common – What’s The Difference? Have you made sure that your spouse is the beneficiary on all your investments and life insurance policies? What about your house, car and RV trailers? Several times a year, our office is hired to Probate a Will because a spouse has passed away and it wasn’t until after the death that the surviving spouse realized everything was not jointly owned. This Read More

How Long Does Probate Take In Alberta?

How Long Does Probate Take Here In Alberta? One of the most common questions we are asked is “How long does Probate take?” To “Probate a Will” means to have the court declare that the document was the deceased’s last Will and that the Executor has authority to act on closing the estate. An Application For Probate involves outlining the deceased’s assets and debts so that banks and Alberta Land Titles can Read More